Welcome to Educational Community Alliance Credit Union!

We are excited to announce that Maumee Educators Federal Credit Union will merge into Educational Community Alliance Credit Union on March 1, 2024. Here’s what you need to know:

Account Transfer: Your accounts will seamlessly transfer to Educational Community Alliance Credit Union on March 1, 2024.

Expanded Services: Explore our full array of banking products and services, including checking accounts, mobile and online banking, and more by exploring this website.

We’re Here for You: Our Member Services Representatives are ready to assist you at 419. 381.2323.

Curious about how the merger will affect you? Explore our FAQs below for detailed answers.

Merger FAQs

WHAT IS A MERGER?A merger is an agreement between two organizations and approved by the regulators (National Credit Union Administration and Ohio Department of Financial Institutions and in this case the merging credit union’s membership to fold into the other). When the merger is complete Maumee Educators Federal Credit Union members will be immediately be member/owners of Educational Community Alliance Credit Union. All additional conveniences and enhanced products and services will be available to them.
WAS MAUMEE EDUCATORS FCU BOUGHT OUT?No. The merger represents an agreed agreement that both organizations are entering into freely. This collaboration brings and extends products and services to MEFCU members that may not have been offered.
WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE CREDIT UNION AFTER THE MERGER?Educational Community Alliance Credit Union will be maintaining the same name as we welcome in Maumee Educators
WHEN WILL THE MERGER BECOME OFFICIAL?The merger will become official on March 1, 2024.
WHO IS EDUCATIONAL COMMUNITY ALLIANCE CREDIT UNION (EDUCACU)?EducaCU is a state chartered, federally insured credit union, serving employees of the Toledo Board of Education and members of their immediate families, retirees from Toledo Board of Education and members of their immediate families, immediate family members of existing credit union members, spouses of deceased members, employees of the credit union and members of their immediate family and organizational affiliations of credit union members. Membership is open to anyone who holds a position in the educational industry in any school district.
WHAT HAPPENS TO THE EMPLOYEES? Larry Lines, Manager/Treasurer, will continue to work to assist the members and staff at Educational Community Alliance Credit Union to transition until the merger is finalized. After which time, he may be used for consulting work in an as needed capacity. The part-time person may be offered a position with EducaCU.
IS MY PERSONAL INFORMATION SAFE?Yes. We consider your privacy and protection of personal member information a high priority. We use technology to protect your information. Our staff members are trained to ensure member confidentiality. For additional information, please see our Privacy Policy.
WILL THIS MERGER AFFECT MY SERVICE?Yes. You will have access to more products (for example: checking, debit cards), services, and account access points with an expanded ATM and shared branching network. It is our goal that you will only see positive changes in the products and services that are available to you.
WHAT'S IN IT FOR THE MEMBERS? The merger will give members greater financial resources, along with enhanced products and services. This means easier, more convenient access to your money, from almost anywhere. EducaCU belongs to a network of ATMs that gives you access to over 30,000+ ATMs and 5000+ shared branch locations across the country. We offer technology that allows you to access your accounts on-the-go; like online or mobile banking, bill pay and remote deposit.
WHO DO I CONTACT IF I HAVE MORE QUESTIONS?You may contact us at 419.381.2323; or email us at [email protected].
HOW DO I STAY UPDATED AS THINGS CHANGE?You can stay up to date by visiting this dedicated page of our website. Important account updates may be available at the MEFCU branch until March 1, 2024. Please make sure your contact information and address are current on your account so we can stay connected with you.

Banking FAQs

IS MY ACCOUNT NUMBER CHANGING?Yes. All members will have a new account number. Your current account number will convert to a 6-digit account number beginning with a “4”. This means that you will add a “4”, and then enough zeros to your existing account number to create a 6-digit account number. For example, if your account number is 1234 it would become “401234.” For more information on how to update your account, please contact us at 419.381.2323 or email us at [email protected].
WHAT IS EDUCACU'S ROUTING NUMBER?Our routing number is 241282603. Please use this effective 3/1/2024.
WHERE WILL I MAIL DEPOSITS OR LOAN PAYMENTS?Educational Community Alliance Credit Union (EducaCU)
3845 Angola Rd.
Toledo, OH 43615
WHAT HAPPENS TO MY DIRECT DEPOSIT?Your direct deposit will post to your account without interruption, however, it will be necessary to update any other financial institutions you have with the new routing number 241282603 and account number to transition to immediate credit to your account.

Feel free to call us 419.381.2323 to answer any questions.
WHEN CAN I START USING EDUCACU'S PRODUCTS AND SERVICES?You will be able to take full advantage of the offerings effective March 1, 2024.
WHAT IF I AM ALREADY A MEMBER OF EDUCACU?Your account with MEFCU will be converted over to EducaCU effective 3/1/2024. If you have a current EducaCU account and you would like to combine them, you may speak with a member service representative at 419.381.2323 or email us at [email protected].
WILL MY ACCOUNTS BE FEDERALLY INSURED WITH EDUCACU?Yes. Each account holder is federally insured up to $250,000, which is backed by the full faith and credit of the federal government through the National Credit Union Administration. For further protection, we provide an additional $250, 000 of insurance through Excess Share Insurance, for a total of up to $500,000 per owner. Traditional and Roth IRAs are also insured aggregately up to $500, 000.
WHERE CAN I GET A COPY OF THE ACCOUNT TERMS & CONDITIONS, PRIVACY POLICY AND FEE SCHEDULE FOR EDUCACU?A copy of the Truth N Savings and fee schedule were mailed to you in your welcome packet. If you require additional disclosures, please visit us at www.educacu/disclosures. You may contact us at 419.381.2323 or via email [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.
WHAT ABOUT JOINT OWNERS AND BENEFICIARIES ON MY ACCOUNTS? Joint owners and beneficiaries will remain the same as previously designated for your accounts. You are encouraged to review your account ownership and payable-on-death (POD) designation. You may contact us at 419.381.2323, or email us at [email protected] to review this information if you have any concerns.

Borrowing FAQs

WHERE DO I REVIEW THE LOAN RATES FOR EDUCACU?You can locate loan rates online at Loan Rates
WHAT OPTIONS DO I HAVE TO MAKE MY LOAN PAYMENT(S) AFTER THE MERGER IS COMPLETE?You may continue to make your payments as you always have, or take advantage of one of these payment options below (EFFECTIVE 3/1/2024)

Payment through Direct Deposit: If you want your deposit split between accounts, complete our direct deposit distribution form and fax 419.381.2341, drop it off or mail it to 3845 Angola Rd. Toledo, OH 43615, or email your completed form to [email protected].

Recurring payment from another account: Loan payments can be debited from your checking or savings account at the bank or credit union of your choice. All payments are applied directly to your loan account on the posting date selected and will automatically be credited toward your loan balance.

Mail: You can mail payments to: Educational Community Alliance Credit Union (EducaCU), 3845 Angola Rd. Toledo, OH 43615 once the merger is complete.

Phone Payment: EducaCU also accepts debit or MasterCard credit card payments over the phone once the merger is complete- fees may apply.
HOW DO I APPLY FOR A NEW LOAN?Apply online at educacu.com; call 419.381.2323 and schedule time to meet with team member in the lending department.
DOES EDUCACU OFFER HOME EQUITY AND MORTGAGE LOANS?Yes. We offer both home equity/second mortgage loans and home equity line of credit. We promise a personal touch and will guide you through the entire process and counsel you on the best product fit for your situation. Call our office and ask for Michael Plath, VP Lending 419.381.2323 ext 104.

Access, Locations, Hours & Shared Branching FAQs

HOW DO I CONTACT THE CREDIT UNION?You may contact us by using the following methods:

Phone: 419.381.2323
Email: [email protected]
Mailing Address:
Educational Community Alliance Credit Union
3845 Angola Rd.
Toledo, OH 43615
WILL THERE BE ANY CHANGES TO THE BRANCH LOCATION AND HOURS? Educational Community Alliance Credit Union has one branch location at 3845 Angola Rd. Toledo, OH 43615. We are open Monday through Thursday from 9am until 4:30pm in the lobby, 5pm in the drive through. On Fridays, we are open 9am until 5:30pm in the lobby and 6pm in the drive through.
WHAT IS SHARED BRANCHING?Shared Branching is a network of credit unions that share facilities to give you thousands of convenient locations to perform transactions just as if you were at your home credit union.

You can find a location closest to you by visiting the mobile app or Shared Branch Locator

Mobile App, Online Banking & Teller Phone Service FAQs

HOW DO I ACCESS THE MOBILE APP (IPHONE OR ANDROID)?Search the Google Play Store or the Apple App store for : “EducaCU”.
Once the app is downloaded on your phone, click the Accounts icon on the bottom of the blue bar. Select first-time user and follow the prompts.
WILL I HAVE ONLINE BANKING AFTER THE MERGER?Yes. you'll find the log-in for online banking on the top right side of this website. To access your account via online banking for the first time you will need the following information.
•Your new “6 -digit account number"
•The primary account owner’s social security number
•A valid phone number capable of receiving text messages or a valid email address on file.

Using the instructions below along with the information above you may now set up your online banking access. At the upper part of the website ( in purple) follow these steps:
1) Click Online Banking
2) Click First Time User
3) Follow the Prompts

Username- Upon your initial login, your username will be your account number and after the initial sign-on you will be required to enter a new username. ( The username cannot contain any variation of your name or account number).
HOW DO I ACCESS THE TELLER PHONE BANKING SYSTEM?Teller Phone allows you to verify your account balance and status, listen to your transaction history, transfer funds between accounts, make loan payments and more. For initial set up, please call the office at 419.381.2323. After set up with the staff you can dial (419) 381.2319 (24/7/365) with your account number and PIN.