Identity Theft

Fully Managed Identity Theft Recovery

Identity theft is growing at an alarming rate. Each year statistics show that it’s not a question of if identity theft will happen. . . it’s a matter of when. As your financial institution, our goal is to protect you – our member – and to act in your best interest. We see identity theft as a current and present threat to your financial health, and we want to be proactive in our response while maintaining the strict internal practices that we currently use to keep your information safe.

We have expanded our security program to include Fully Managed Identity Theft Recovery for all members. This service allows members access to a  personal Recovery Advocate who is standing by to research and resolve any identity theft issue that you may suspect, or evidence of identity fraud that you discover.

At Educational Community Alliance Credit Union, we believe identity theft detection and recovery services are important, essential services for consumers. Rest assured that we will be here to help if identity theft strikes and your personal information is compromised or stolen.

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