Account Fees

Share Savings Accounts

Closed within 12 months $5.00

Inactive Account Fee per year-18 years or older w/o activity on any EducaCU product under that account number (i.e 1st Mortgage, VISA) $5.00

Dormant Account Closing Fee $10.00

Regulation D Transaction Fee $1.00

Undeliverable Statement/Returned Statement $5.00/month

Extra Credit Money Market Savings

Excess Number of Withdrawals Fee (after 6 per month) $25.00

Transaction Accounts

Ultimate Rewards Checking and Checking

Regulation D Transaction Fee $1.00

Manual Check Clearing Fee $5.00

A fee is imposed for overdrafts “created by checks, in- person withdrawal, ATM withdraws, or by other electronic means, as applicable

Draft Return Fee (NSF) $30.00

Sharedraft Overdraft Courtesy Pay (NSF) $30.00

ACH Return Fee (NSF) $30.00

ACH Overdraft Courtesy Pay (NSF) $30.00

ATM Return Fee (NSF) $30.00

ATM Overdraft Courtesy Pay (NSF) $30.00

Deposit Item Return Fee $10.00

Stop Payment Fee per check $30.00

Stop Payment Fee (series of checks) $30.00

Manual Return of Check with Stop Payment Order in place $16.00

Check Printing Charge Varies Statement Copy/per statement $2.00

Copy of Paid Check (First 10 free per year $4.00

Account Reconciliation/per hour (Minimum one hour) $10.00

Wire Transfer $10.00

International Wire $30.00

Account Research/per hour $10.00 (Minimum one hour)

Garnishment/levy each presentment $10.00

Credit Union Check Withdrawal $2.00

Stop Payment Request on CU Check $30.00

Travelers Checks Single$ .50/per 100

Travelers Checks Two$ .50/per 100

Gift Cheque $2.50

Loan Payment Book (re-order) $5.00

Foreign VISA Cash Advance Transaction Fee (VISA Card other than Educa CU card) by member $5.00

Foreign VISA Cash Advance Transaction Fee (non-member) $10.00

Electronic Funds Transfer Fees ATM/ATM MasterCard Debit Card

**Excessive ATM Withdraws $ .50 each over 8 per month

ATM Plus Network per transaction $1.50 Surcharge:

If you use an ATM that is not operated by us, you may be charged an ATM surcharge by the ATM operator or an ATM network utilized for such a transaction. The ATM surcharge will be taken from your account if you elect to complete the transaction

Varies Replacement Card Fee $10.00

ATM Return Fee (NSF) (Opt-in required) $30.00

Regulation D Transaction Fee $1.00

ATM/CheckCard Pin Replacement or Reactivation $5.00

ATM Card Fee (no charge with opened checking) $3.00

ATM Photocopy $40.00

MasterCard Debit Card NSF Fee (Opt-in required) $30.00

Pre-Authorized EFT’s NSF Pre-authorized Withdraw $30.00

VISA Platinum/GOLD/CLASSIC VISA Card Replacement $10.00

VISA Statement Copy/per page $1.00 VISA Late Fee $20.00