Online Banking


Access your account info 24/7 with Online Banking. Transfer funds, check balances, setup alerts and more.

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For convenience, we offer a variety of services to help members manage financial affairs and complete transactions in a timely manner:

Disclosure for Electronic Funds Transfer


ATM Card

Access your checking or savings account 24 hours a day, seven days a week with your Educational Community Alliance Credit Union ATM card. Make withdrawals, deposits, transfers, and more…right at the ATM. Use one of nearly 4,000 fee-free ATMs across the country with the Alliance One or Money Pass networks. (Link from Alliance One and Money Pass)

Allianceone    Moneypass

Debit Card

Tired of writing checks? Or carrying large amounts of cash in your wallet? Or running to the ATM every time you want to make a purchase? Then, check out the convenience offered by a debit card. Your debit card provides access to your funds, as well as allows you to purchase goods and services everywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Shared Branching

Conveniently conduct transactions whether you’re across town, out of town, or across the country. The shared branching system allows you access to over 5,000 branches nationwide. Visit any one of them to conduct your Educational Community Alliance Credit Union transactions.

Online Banking

Do YOUR banking at YOUR convenience. Access your account information 24/7 from the comfort of your own home, classroom, or wherever you’d like. Use your computer to transfer funds, check account balances, view account activity and more. To enroll in this free service, click here.

Mobile Banking

People on-the-go can now do their banking on-the-go! With our mobile banking app, you can now access and manage your accounts from your “smart” phone, tablet, or other mobile devices. Use the mobile banking app to conduct transactions whenever and wherever your want! Learn more.

Bill Payer 24

Enjoy the convenience, safety, and hassle-free way to pay your bills. No worries about writing checks, getting postage stamps, and making it to the post office. Instead, have your bills automatically and electronically paid from your Educational Community Alliance Credit Union checking account. Click here for a demo of how Bill Payer 24 works.

Teller Phone

The Teller Phone System is a free service that offers access to your credit union account 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using a touch-tone phone from anywhere in the world, you can call your personal "electronic credit union branch" to make inquiries like checking account balances or to find out what checks have cleared.

Direct Deposit

Your "net" pay, retirement or government issued checks can be electronically transferred and deposited directly into your credit union account(s). This is a free, safe and time-savings benefit.

Payroll Deduction

You may wish to have a portion of your “net” pay automatically deposited to your credit union account(s). This free service makes it convenient and hassle- free to make loan payments and helps you save or invest on a regular basis. Check with your employer to see if payroll deduction is possible.