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Auto Loan

Before you get hooked on that new or used vehicle, don't forget about financing. Educational Community Alliance Credit Union offers you an opportunity to get pre-approved for your loan before you begin shopping. This will help you focus on the vehicle you can afford and enable you to negotiate a purchase price with confidence with the dealership or private owner.

We can also help you judge the dealer's best offer, establish a fair trade-in value for "Old Faithful" plus much more. For savings and convenience in your next new or used vehicle purchase, be sure to call the credit union first.

Tips to buying your next car:

Do your homework on 0% Financing: Why Credit Union Rates May Be a Better Choice

On the surface, 0% financing may seem like the best deal. And in some cases, this may be true. On the other hand, 0% financing with the dealer is not always the best route. It pays to do the calculations before you decide which deal is best for you. Here are things to consider:

Rather than opting for a short-term loan with high payments, you’ll find you have more flexibility with a longer-term loan. Because there are no pre-payment penalties at Educational Community Alliance Credit Union, you still have the option of paying off your loan in a shorter period of time and saving interest. However, during months in which you need extra cash, such as Decemeber during the holidays, you have the option of making the lower payment.

Do the calculations yourself. (Financial Calculators) Many members are amazed to find that the total cost of the car is actually less when they use the rebate to reduce the total amount of their credit union loan - even when they select a 60-month term on a Credit Union loan.

If you have questions about financing a new or used vehicle, please contact a loan officer at 419-381-2323. One of our loan representatives can discuss the benefits of financing with Educational Community Alliance Credit Union. All loans are based on approved credit. Get started by completing a loan application today!